The Unknown Bible



The faith in Jesus is the most important thing in my life and the main source of inspiration for my music. With this section, which I called “The unknown Bible”, I hope to explain clearly what I believe in. My understanding is based on the ancient Hebrew Scriptures – The Law, The Prophets and The Testimony (the Gospels and the letters by the apostles), known as the Bible.

The majority of you will find my beliefs quite different from the “traditional Christianity”  (Catholicism, Protestantism etc.) – which unfortunately has distanced itself a lot from the Word of God  from the time of Moses and the time of Jesus. The majority of todays Christian denominations have doctrines which are based on pagan religions and philosophies. This is a fact for all unprejudiced people who have done a good research. In the section “The lies of Babylon” I have exposed some of these false Christianity doctrines.

I Hope that you will find this section interesting and useful.


Listen to the Hymn:

The world from above - composed and performed by Stanislav Hvartchilkov and Josef Janik

50 Nobel Laureats and other great scientists who believe in God -




Preachers of the Word of God:

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The Evidence for the Existence of Jesus 1 of 4 (From historical documents)

">The Evidence for the Existence of Jesus

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